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For every jewelry enthusiast it’s a great time to know about the jewelries you wear. It’s a pleasure to disclose some valuable insight of zirconia diamonds which have raised the beauty of our most loveable crescent moon ring and black rose ring. Let’s dive into the speciality of zirconia diamonds and discover how it has boosted the fashion jewelry industry.
What’s there to cover:
  • Cubic Zirconia Diamonds
  • How one can differ in CZ and real Diamonds?
  • Why I should bother about the Grade of CZ?
  • Few properties on which CZ’s are judged.
  • How we discover CZ’s full potential?
  • Conclusion

Moon Ring

Black Rose Ring

Cubic Zirconia Diamonds:

Cubic zirconia is considered as an inexpensive gemstone; reflecting the shine of jewelry industry towards a new height. This gemological stone is comprised of zirconium oxide and treated as one of best alternative for real diamonds. Strict lab parameter brings on a dazzling appearance and realistic, diamond-like shine on stone. This diamond copy has become a vital part of fashion jewelries whether it’s a ring, necklace or any other wearable piece. Jewelry made from cubic zirconia, abbreviated as CZ jewelry. Most of manufacturers prefer to use cubic zirconia diamonds because of its closeness to real diamonds and flexibility to adapt unique shape and designs with advancing technologies.

How one can differ in CZ and real Diamonds?

CZ gems are highly close to diamonds optically. For this you need a sharp eye of gemologists or jewelry expert, to inspect the visual difference between CZ and real diamonds. The sparkle and reflection fired by CZ is much more than it was exhibited by real diamonds under standard lightning conditions.

Why I should bother about the Grade of CZ?

Well while purchasing CZ stones put an attention over its A grading. Generally, it is rated from A to AAAAA. Where A is lowest in quality along with price and AAAAA is highest in both aspects. Most of manufacturers prefer AAA graded CZ stone for high quality fashion jewelry. Meanwhile, it preserves all natural likeness such as luster, shine and charm of real diamond with a smaller price tag.

Few properties on which CZ’s are judged:

Clarity: Natural stones come with blemishes and flaws, but CZ is carefully crafted under precise laboratory conditions. This means stones seen in fashion jewelry are flawless. A flawless constitution gives the CZ a brilliance that rivals even with finest diamonds. The manmade creation also ensures that cubic zirconia is an eco-friendly choice.

Color: Most CZ stones are white stones, and resemble the colourless grades of diamonds. It’s also available in a variety of colors like: Lavender, Violet, Green, Aqua, Champagne, and Yellow as well.

Carat: Just like a diamond, a CZ is rated by its weight, or Carat Size. A one carat hand-polished cubic zirconia will retail for around $20, whereas a one carat diamond with passable cut, color and clarity grades will retail for around $1,500. Since CZ is a more dense than diamond, it is heavier by volume (by as much as 75%).

Durability: The cubic zirconia has a hardness rating of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, meaning that this gem does not scratch easily. It’s durability is one of key reason which expanded the wearable life of fashion jewelries.

How we discover CZ’s full potential:

We at Ellipstore pair this CZ stones on unique artisan pieces with high quality materials. Next it is dipped in stain-resistant platinum polish, encouraging its shimmer and aura. To take this creation on another level a white box with soft ribbon over it makes used to maximize the present of sparkling CZ jewelry.


To be fair all this characteristics of CZ justify that it’s a beautiful stone that can be worn in all situations. CZ’s intimacy with a real diamond under a small price tag is the key point for every section of people to afford it. Carving of AAA CZ under precise arrangement with quality materials make it worth to add as a top-up on your fashion-forward look. Whether it’s a normal busy day or an evening party it can be paired with any attire for a classy look.

But it is said that the best way to conclude is to let your readers with a question. And it is followed as “was it the smart choice of buyer’s which have really steered the growth of fashion jewelry market?”. Don't forget to put your view in the comment section.                                                     




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