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Personalized Necklace : A Hottest Jewelry Trend

Personalized Necklace

Hello everyone!

You are explicit & so should your jewelry be!

The best way of expressing feminity is through jewelry. The era of jewelry is witnessing a change in the trend; it is settling towards personalized jewelry.You have certainly noticed someone wearing a name necklace or maybe even own one?. What makes it different from other jewelry is the fact the wearer gets to choose the design which speaks about them and embrace it. 

So how did personalized necklaces become trends?

  • The trend started back in the 80s by the African-American community, the rappers of the community wearing name necklace. However, it was originally a way of historic progress for the community after being freed. The personalized necklace was also adopted by the slaves of World War 2 after being freed.
  • These necklaces gain their popularity back when Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw was seen wearing a personalized necklace on the show 'Sex and the City'; many other celebrities followed the trend.
  • Heard of the Mommy necklace? Mothers wore name necklaces bearing their children names as a way of expressing their love. Celebrity like Christina Applegate was spotted wearing a mommy necklace.

Personalized jewelry allows you to have your personalized style statement, a trend inspired by celebrities and a way of expressing yourself better. The youth is fanatic with this new trend of as each ornament is unique and refined. This trend has also gained popularity owing to radical change in the designs of personalized jewelry.

Tell me you don't fancy one?

Have a look at the necklaces that infuses your essence and camouflages in your style. Hop on the train to the trendy personalized jewelry!

Signature Style Name Necklace

If you are a person who wants to leave their impressions where they go and like to be in the limelight. We suggest you our most trendy Signature Style Name Necklace. A font style with sleek and stylish body. More than 25,000 signature style name necklace has been sold.

Indic Style Name Necklace

For an ethnic touch in your style, get the Indic Name Necklace. This font style similar to the Devanagari style giving a cultural feel.

Moonlight Necklace

Moonlight cherishes the vintage look.  For a vintage look, we have got you covered with our Moonlight Name Necklace. It has an unusual paper clip chain pattern that enhances your style. It sounds to be our next trending product after signature style necklace.

Floret Name Necklace

Is spring your favourite season? We have the perfect font style for you.
The Floret Name Necklace has a font style that mimics the wavering of flower in the breeze.

Curlicue Name Necklace

Do you relish drama in life?
We present you Curlicue Name Necklace, a font style filled with dramatic twists and turns molding your jewelry with intricacy.

Lush Name Necklace

Lush name necklace is for folks having a magnificent and lavish personality. Ornate your outstanding style with our Lush Name Necklace.

Aphoristic Name Necklace

Are you fond of rare and exotic font?
We have Aphoristic Name Necklace which is an exquisite font style. This necklace is laced with delicacy and fineness.

Couple Necklace

A bonus to this range is our couple name necklace, a perfect way to celebrate your relationship.

Personalized jewelry entails name necklace, name bracelet, ring and necklace with initials, etc. We exhibit necklace with unique font style that matches different personality We also offer name necklace with distinct chain amplify the originality of the product. The idea of personalized jewelry is exclusive as it transforms your identity into customized fashion which makes it a popular gifting option. We create jewelry to incorporate happiness and elegance in your fashion style. We hope to become your ultimate shopping and gifting stop!

Comment down your best font style that matches your vibes.

Thank you!

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